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Scary Rico

“No one really knows how he came into that big, expensive boat of his”


Later that day, a few hours after Tucker’s failed Jack attack, one of the islanders came over to tell us that Tucker has had it with the group and with ‘camping out’ on a ‘slow, girly Polynesian double canoe’ and will be going to Rarotonga immediately on his own to catch an early flight home.


Captain Bob asked,


“How will he get there?”


The islander explained that Tucker had met a guy at the local bar who offered to run him over to Rarotonga on his high-speed offshore powerboat after he learned that Tucker had serious cash to offer and wanted to get off the island as soon as possible.


Directing his attention to me, the islander said,


“Coincidentally, the boat captain also goes by the name ‘Rico.’ But he’s nothing like you at all, my friend. He is a big burly fellow with tattoos all over his body and is not a particularly friendly guy, nor very predictable. He’s kind of a loner. Drinks too much. Did some jail time. Gets into bar fights. And no one really knows how he came into that big, expensive boat of his. No one really wants to ask, either.”


“Is ‘Rico’ a common name out here on these islands?”


“Oh no, not at all. That’s just his nickname.”


“What’s his real name?”


“Richard Parker.”

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