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Lua's Way

“On a full planet, we are islanders all”


As I was just about to leave, it suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t even know her name! My god, I was so caught up in what she had to say all this time that I never got around to asking her who she was!


I threw my backpack and ukulele over my shoulder and rushed over to the counter, but she had already disappeared back into the kitchen.


I noticed that there were some headshots of a few individuals on the wall behind the pastry case next to the usual assortment of colorful paintings from local artists. Above the photos, the sign read: WorldBeat Café Family.


The pictures were of the owner, management, and staff. Each had their name inscribed in a small golden plaque below with a favorite quote and a nickname scribbled underneath.


My eyes were instantly drawn to the loveliest smile in the group. Being the most recent hire at the café, her picture was the last one in the set, and the only one on the bottom row. It was centered, as if supporting all the others above.


The name inscribed on the plaque right below her photo was:


Lucila K’Lea


Below that, her favorite quote:

“On a full planet, we are islanders all.”


And just below the quote, her nickname:


‘Laughing Lua’


< Metamorphosis




“What was she like?” my friend craved to know

This islander Lua, who I couldn't let go

Silver-haired and quiet, and quick with a smile 

She lifted our days with her dignified style

Her galley creations, a foodie's delight

Her islandy stories, a joy late at night

Her blue ukulele to sing us her songs 

Her colorful tropical flowered sarongs


With wisdom and humor she showed me the way

Of beauty and balance and seizing the day

Of courage and kindness and letting things go

Of ten simple things that she thought I should know

~ Master your breath ~

~ Eat the right food ~

~ Walk to feel better ~

~ Ride for good mood ~

~ Listen to others ~

~ Learn things each day ~

~ Connect with your world ~

~ Give some things away ~

~ Learn to be still and quiet your mind ~

~ Choose to live simply and joy you will find ~