Electric Commuter Bikes: You can travel faster and farther than non-electric bikes for the same pedaling effort and have much more fun getting to work or to the local coffee shop — without breaking a sweat.


Electric Utility / Cargo Bikes: You can carry large loads (including a passenger or two) comfortably — even when taking on hills and headwinds — with the added assistance of the electric motor.

Here are two of the most popular and best value ebikes available today for commuter and utility / cargo riders. They both excel at purposeful design and share these common features:

  • SIMPLE: Multi-level pedal assist + power throttle = simple single-gear operation

  • RELIABLE: Elegant design and rugged build with proven industry-standard components

  • PRACTICAL: Low- or mid-step frame; rear rack, lights, fenders included (or readily available)

  • MAINTAINABLE: Modular components with primarily industry-standard non-proprietary hardware

  • WELL SUPPORTED: Designed and warrantied by US's largest ebike company, Seattle-based RAD POWER BIKES — a Pioneer Company in TIME'S 2021 TIME100 MOST INFLUENTIAL COMPANIES